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World Leaders in Floorcare

The Pioneer Eclipse Floorcare System includes all the products required for high level floor care

Pioneer Eclipse was founded in 1978 by Bill Wilson, a then 27-year-old janitor who was frustrated by the poor quality floorcare products he was using.

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NEW! Agar Green Cleaning Range

Eco-friendly cleaning products that are both gentle on cleaners and the environment.

Agar’s products have been formulated using the most effective ingredients, allowing cleaning tasks to be completed in less time, saving labour hours and energy use. 

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Introducing the Pacvac Ecoharness

Woman using pacvac superpro vacuum on wooden flooring

Upgrade the comfort and productivity of your Superpro Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with the NEW Ecoharness from Pacvac!

The Ecoharness from Pacvac is not just about comfort; it’s a statement about sustainability and a commitment to a greener, more ergonomic future.

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5 Best Practices For A Floor Strip and Reseal

Ensure The Success of Your Floor Strip and Reseal Project with Proquip’s 5 Important Tips!

Floor strip and reseals are a task that requires precision, the right products, and a bit of know-how. In this blog, we’ll delve into five important tips to ensure your strip and reseal project is a resounding success.

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5 Reasons To Use a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Why Commercial Vacuum Cleaners Are Worth The Investment

Purchasing a vacuum cleaner, whether for your home or for business use, is an important decision with many factors to consider. Here at Proquip, the leading experts in commercial equipment nationwide, we are committed to providing high-performance machinery that lasts.

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Carpet Cleaning Packages

Level Up Your Carpet Cleaning with Proquip’s Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Packages!

Carpet cleaning is serious business, so we’ve put our 30+ years of experience together with our in-depth knowledge of the industry to bring our customers products and packages for the ultimate carpet cleaning success!

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Hetty for Breast Cancer

Proquip is proud to announce their support of Breast Cancer Foundation NZ 

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) is a vital organisation whose mission is Zero deaths from breast cancer. They work towards this by raising awareness, funding research and supporting New Zealanders with breast cancer.

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Hygiene – Back to Basics

It’s time to take stock of your hygiene practices!

Following this latest blip in the COVID-19 journey for New Zealand, it’s the right time to remind ourselves that we should be taking action and ensuring continuous hygiene practices at home or at work are up to scratch. During this time, no matter where you are in New Zealand, basic hygiene has never been more important. 

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