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MPI Approved Products

Your guide to MPI Approval Codes and how they relate to compliance in Food Safety.

At Proquip, we understand how important it is to maintain high standards in compliancy and food safety when it comes to your cleaning products.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), among its many responsibilities, exists to ensure the food New Zealand produces is safe for consumption. This extends to restricting the cleaning products that may be used in and around food production areas, to ensure no contamination occurs.

MPI Approval Guide

The following are the MPI Approval guidelines typical of the products we offer at Proquip. For full approval guidelines and resources please see the links at the bottom of the page.


  1. Can be used where food is handled.
  2. Before using, remove all food from the room.
  3. No food allowed until treated surfaces are protected with an approved coating.
  4. If food surface is accidentally touched, clean it thoroughly to remove any residue.


  1. This may be used in all areas.
  2. Before using, remove all food and packaging from the room. If not, ensure separate areas with no food or packaging during cleaning to avoid contamination.
  3. Rinse food contact surfaces with clean water after using the compound before starting production.


1. This may not be used in edible areas.
2. The perfume must not be used to mask the odours of unsanitary conditions.
3. This compound must be used in a manner that prevents the perfume invading any edible area.


1. This may be used as a window cleaner for all areas.
2. No edible product is permitted in the room during cleaning.
3. Incidental contamination of food contact surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned, then rinsed with potable water.


1. General purpose detergent not for use on food surfaces, but may be used on floors and walls.
2. Before using this compound in food areas, all product and packaging material must be removed from the room.
3. Accidental spillage on to food surfaces must be thoroughly washed off with potable water.


1. This may be used as a hand washing and sanitising compound in all areas.
2. After using this compound, hands must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water.
3. There must be no odour left on the hands.


1. This may be used as a barrier cream, dermatological cream, hand cleaner or body wash.
2. This compound cannot be used by persons employed in slaughter or handling edible product at any stage during dressing or processing.
3. This compound is not permitted in slaughter, dressing or processing areas.


1. This compound must not be used in any area where edible products are processed, packaged or stored.
2. It may be used in inedible processing areas or external areas.
3. The compound must not be used to mask the odours of unsanitary conditions.
4. Compounds must be used in a manner that prevents any perfume invading an edible area.

Our Products

See below the products that have MPI Approvals.

MPI C23 Approved Products

Wipeout Graffiti Remover

MPI C31 Approved Products

Cleanmaster Gold Renown

Pronto Germicide Cleaner

Leader Cleaner/Disinfectant

Score Automatic Dish Wash Powder

Red Rhino H/D Degreaser

Bio-Zyme Multipurpose

MPI C32 Approved Products

Cleanmaster Gold Friend Sanitiser

Cleanmaster Gold Fruit Burst Disinfectant

Cleanmaster Gold Liberty Spray & Wipe

Cleanmaster Gold Salvo H/D Dish Detergent

Bio Urinal Blocks

Kemsol K5 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Shower Power Bathroom Cleaner

Kemsol Spray n Wipe

Kemsol Citrus Kleen

Bio-Zyme Cleaner

Bio-Zyme Industrial

MPI C35 Approved Products

Cleanmaster Gold Radiance Window Cleaner

MPI C51 Approved Products

Cleanmaster Gold Concert Flowing Soap

Veltone Liquid Soap

MPI C52 Approved Products

Kemsol Shampoo Hair & Body wash

Foam Hands Sanitiser

MPI C102 Approved Products

K6 Deodoriser, Ultra Concentrate

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