Bio Zyme Cleaner

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MPI Approved C32



Bio-Zyme Cleaner is made in New Zealand and is a cleaner/sanitiser that’s better for the environment, breaks down easily, and is safe to use. It’s a healthier and safer option compared to harmful cleaners, solvents, caustics, and bleaches.

Bio-Zyme is created through natural fermentation, using plant-based ingredients. It’s been tested by Hill Laboratories NZ and Eurofins Scientific Australia (results available on request).

This cleaner has a minimal environmental impact, is not dangerous, and won’t corrode materials. It improves and maintains the condition of any waste system and can be used as a general cleaner on any surface that can be washed.


  • Cost-effective – Bio-Zyme is highly concentrated – just 1L of Bio-Zyme Cleaner makes 16.6L ready-to-use product – and
  • Versatile – Bio-Zyme Cleaner can be used as a general cleaner on any washable surface
  • Safe to use – Non-hazardous, non-corrosive, naturally fermented enzyme product using naturally sourced plant-based ingredients
  • Low environmental impact – Biodegradable

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