Superpro Battery Vac c/w 4 Li Batteries and dual charger

$1,532.96 +gst

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Pacvac’s battery backpack vacuum is an advanced powered design delivering superior manoeuvrability, efficiency and productivity.
One of the lightest battery backpack vacuums in today’s market, it is also conveniently supplied with four lithium Ion battery packs, two for operation and two as spares to keep you cleaning for longer.

Ideal for use on Stairs, lifts, transportation vehicles (trains, planes and buses) and daytime cleaning.

-Each machine conveniently comes with 4 batteries, providing up to 1h and 30 minutes of continuous run time.
-Only 1h 45 minute recharge time per set of batteries.
-Easy to read battery charge level indicators.
-HEPA rated hypercone filter.