Numatic Henry Vacuum, 9L

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NVM-1CH Hepaflo Dust Bags 10/pkt

These bags are compatible with the Numatic Henry and Hetty Vacuum, the 8Litre ProSave Vacuum as well as the 9Litre Hazardous Vacuum

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Henry is chosen by millions for his reliability, high performance, and of course, his cheeky smile.


  • Dust-free emptying – equipped with an advanced, 2-stage filtration system, Henry makes sure the dust that goes in, stays in. The innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag ensuring nothing escapes when you empty it.
  • Uninterrupted Cleaning – The extra-long 10metre power cord allows you a maximum cleaning span and avoids the need for stopping, replugging, and restarting. Keep your tools close at hand with On-board tool storage.

Why Henry?

  • He is built to last – Built, tested, and packed in the UK, Henry is the only mass-produced consumer vacuum cleaner still made in Britain. With over 15 million made and most still in use today, Henry will be the most reliable vacuum you have ever owned!
  • Waste not, want not – In an age of consumption and waste, Henrys are made to last 20 years and be easily repaired. It takes only 75 parts to make up the latest model of Henry Vacuum.

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