Sabrina, 14L Carpet Extractor

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Sabrina is a 14litre machine specially designed to spot-clean small carpet and hard floor areas. Notwithstanding its compact size, Sabrina is suitable for professional use, and it is also capable of extra hard-work, such as rental use or use by cleaning companies. The high-waterlift vacuum system allows recovery of the maximum quantity of dirt from the carpet and accomplishes the shortest drying time.

Ideal for use in: hotels, private houses, offices, shops, rental companies, car washes, carpet shops, and commercial cleaning companies.

  • High-performance carpet extraction with High-waterlift technology ensuring maximum recovery of dirt and water from the carpet to accomplish shorter drying times
  • Built to Last High-density polyethylene tanks are durable and stand the test of time
  • Lightweight and compact the Sabrina is easily transported in the boot of a car. Simply unhook the latches to split the tanks a part for easy transportation.
  • 10-metre cable length
  • 2.5 metre hose