Maintenance Kit for the NUC244NX

$873.17 +gst


244NX Maintenance Kit. Compatible only with theĀ NUC244NX Upright Scrubber

Contains the most common consumable/replacement parts you could be expected to need in the first three years of the lifetime of your scrubber!*


  • Replacement squeegee blade set x1
  • Replacement 0-ring kit x1 set (2)
  • Replacement Floor Tool End Caps x1
  • Replacement Grill Moulding x1
  • Replacement Port Filter Disc x5
  • Replacement hose x1
  • Replacement Squeegee Retaining Knob x1 set (2)
  • Separator Assembly x1
  • Replacement Clean Water Tank Valves x1 set (2)
  • Clean Water Tank Cap kit x1
  • Replacement Gasket Seal Moulding x1 set (4)
  • Replacement Hose Retainer x1 set (2)
  • Replacement Hose Cuff x2
  • Tether Moulding (black) x2
  • Replacement squeegee wheel set x1 set (3)
  • Set of Access Cleaning Brushes x1

*Estimate that is subject to the nature of usage, maintenance, and other factors.

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