24″ Battery Floor Burnisher Self-Propelled


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The 300BU24TCE is an Ultra-High Speed (“UHS”) burnisher that rapidly produces high levels of gloss on vinyl, polished concrete, and other hard floor surfaces. The 300BU24TCE features Steady-One™ pad control technology that dramatically improves the performance and life span of burnishing pads while producing excellent single-pass results. Fitted as standard with maintenance-free sealed gel batteries and an onboard smart charger.

  • Ultimate Efficiency Large 24″ Burnishing Width covers more ground in less time
  • Burnish for longer Three 12 Volt Batteries Produce Up To 3 Hours of Continuous Run Time
  • Quiet Operation– Only 69dBA
  • Consistent performance Steady-One™ Pad Control Technology maintains constant pad pressure for more consistent results
  • Traction control