Pulse Mopping Kit Rubbermaid

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Kit contains:

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The Pulse Spray Mop revolutionises the cleaning process by offering an ergonomic, bucket-free mopping system. This enables the efficient coverage of more square footage in a shorter timeframe compared to traditional methods.

Experience the advantage of the Pulse Mop for swift and effective floor cleaning. Featuring industry-leading microfiber, an onboard reservoir, and a user-controlled release of cleaning solution, this system ensures cleaner floors with greater ease and efficiency.

The advanced hook-and-loop backing ensures the mop’s durability, maintaining its effectiveness through repeated use and even under rigorous daily laundering conditions. This design guarantees that the microfiber pads remain securely attached for optimal performance.

To enhance hygiene practices, color-coded tabs are incorporated, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination by clearly distinguishing designated areas throughout the facility. Additionally, the double-finished edges of the mop pads help maintain the mop’s shape over time, ensuring consistent and reliable results with each use.


  • Patented onboard reservoir and solution system evenly dispense liquid behind mop
  • Ergonomic trigger handle dispenses three sprays of cleaner
  • Lightweight and ergonomic – weighs only 6 lbs when fully loaded
  • Non-slip tip helps prevent the handle from sliding and falling when placed against a wall
  • Unscrew cap to manually refill or connect to PULSE Caddy hose for automatic refills

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