Compact 28″ Ride-on Floor Scrubber


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Bristling with practical innovation and user convenience the CRG8072G is competitive with most walk behinds of the same size. So now you can sit rather than walk and by virtue of the exceptional maneuverability, substantial time will be saved on middle size applications. The CRG8072G also introduces the logic of two machines in place of something much bigger or, to put it another way, two for the price of one with added versatility and convenience. The CRG8072G brings all the features of the popular 8055 model with an additional 30% scrub width. The 2 x 370mm brush configuration provides an astonishing 720mm cleaning width on a ultra-compact Ride-on. More cleaning… same user convenience.
-72cm Cleaning Width
-80L Water Capacity
-Compact Ride-On
-Twin Brush Design