Blue Evolution S+ Steam Cleaning Machine


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The Blue Evolution S+ is the World’s most advanced steam and vacuum cleaner now with 10 bar of steam pressure.
Non-tracking large castor wheels and compact dimensions make the  Blue Evolution S+ steam cleaner the ideal machine to sanitise commercial surfaces and work environments with agility and convenience.
The S+ ensures effective sanitation with its constant 10 bar pressure and is supplied with a very comprehensive kit of accessories to enable cleaning of many different surfaces.
The integrated Ultraviolet lamp in the machine presents a strong germicidal action by eliminating germs and bacteria. The vacuum exhaust is therefore expelling clean air with no airborne bacteria.

  • 10 bar of constant steam pressure
  • Castors with directional lock and brakes
  • UVC lamp with germicidal effect
  • Steam and vacuum cleaning with hot water module
  • Control panel with alerts